Miami Airport Transportation – Options to Suit Your Needs

Do you plan to travel to Miami? If you are, then you are likely to fly to Miami International Airport and unless someone agrees on your flight, you will need some form of transportation to take you wherever you are. Whether your final destination is downtown Miami, Fort Lauderdale or even Orlando, you have plenty of transportation options at Miami Airport.

The simplest and most convenient choice is usually taxis. They can be purchased outside the smaller arrivals area. If you find it difficult to find, there are dispatchers outside each meeting who will be able to assist you.

The next best choice for you is the Super Shuttle. The Super Shuttle picks up several passengers at once. Its prices are for each person and are based on the distance you travel. Since most of the people you will be sharing your ride with are probably not traveling to the same place as you, it may take some extra time to get to where you are going. So just get off your feet and enjoy the ride. Reservations are recommended but optional.

Many hotels provide airport shuttle service. If you are staying at a hotel that offers this service, you will find its shuttle bus, just like other hotel shuttle buses, outside the upper departure area.

Many companies provide car and limousine rentals. In addition to being offered to everyone's taste and budget, the cars are serviced by drivers who will satisfy your flight and take you to your destination. This is a great alternative for travelers who continue to drive, not drive or rent a car.

Younger travelers often like to save money on public transport. The subway bus has a station outside of office E, directly from Customs. There is also a night service from midnight to six in the morning, calling the Airport Owl.

Travelers heading to Miami Beach can board an Airport Flyer. Airport Flyer is a express bus that runs direct from Miami International Airport to Miami Beach from six in the morning until eleventh night, seven days a week. It makes just one stop at Earlington Heights Station along the way from where travelers wanting to downtown can take the train. There are departures every thirty minutes.

Another option is Tri-Rail, a commuter train running between Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach. Tri-Rail Airport Station is located east of the airport on 21st NW Street. Bus connections are available and Metrobus offers free shuttle service to Tri-Rail ticket holders.

Car rental is moving to the new Car Rental Center [RCC], one mile east of Miami International Airport. All car rental companies that previously had jobs at the airport will now settle there, as will many others that were based outside. Until an automated light rail MIA Mover system is in place, the shuttle bus will operate between RCC and the airport terminals.

Finding Miami airport vehicles for passengers stranded on a plane may seem impossible. But don't worry. Airport staff are always on hand to help. Just look for the blue in their uniforms on entry and exit sidewalks.