5 Places You Must Visit While in Miami

Miami offers just about everything. But with so many points of interest, it can be difficult for tourists to decide what to go to on their South Beach vacation. Below are just a few of the different places highly recommended by other travelers as well as Miami locals.

City Hall

This hotel offers perhaps the most unique bar experience in the whole city. Although there is no need to reserve a room here, you can still enjoy the rooftop bar, which you can see all over the city. What's more, the place is filled with red water beds that allow you to relax with a drink with your friends or that special person. There are tables around the beds so you have a place to have your drink while talking to others at your party.

Miami MetroZoo

This zoo is 300 acres, home to about 2000 different animals. If you're vacationing in a family home in Miami, you'll want to make sure you include this attraction in your itinerary. The zoo makes visitors feel as if they are on a safari with all the natural habitats of animals. There are several shows, a pet zoo, and the opportunity to see how different wildlife are fed by professional trainers.

Lincoln Road Pedestrian Mall

If you want to shop while on vacation in Miami, Lincoln Road Mall can offer a unique experience. This is comparable to Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles and Fifth Avenue in New York, with many stores not in your typical mall. There are also a number of small cafes and restaurants throughout the place. This allows you to explore the mall all day long. It can also be fun to put yourself on the bench and people watch.

Ortanique on a mile

Always well-ranked in the top ten Miami restaurants, Ortanique offers a unique culinary experience. The ingredients used in the dishes prepared here are made in a way that offers innovative flavors that will undermine all five senses. Here is something for every appetite. The cost is not too high either. Most tourists eat dinner more than one night here.

The beach

This may seem like an obvious spot for the top 5 attractions in Miami, but it should not be mentioned. The most popular are Miami and South Beaches. These two places are always crowds of travelers who expect to absorb a little while on vacation. Niki and Hallandale beaches are a little less well known, but they still offer a nice place to stay in the sun and sunbathe.