The Economics Of Condo Hotels

When was the last time you went down Collins Avenue in the heart of Miami Beach? If it's been awhile, then you might be shocked! Views of the beach along the coast have long since been replaced by high-rise hotels and apartments. The same goes for many hot vacation destinations around the world. While the $ 350 million Trump International Hotel and Waikiki Beach Walk tower are not even on the water, they are being built offshore because land could not be secured directly on the shore. The reason for this is simple, lack of land, especially on the coasts, and investors had to resort to alternative development methods to offset the demands of an active and luxurious lifestyle.

In the context of modern healthcare, an emerging economy, a stable political system, a wealth of entertainment options and a real estate market that is historically highly regarded, people are choosing to live anywhere in the US, if only 10 percent. With 135 million World Boomers buying a home in the US, the U.S. population could increase by 13 million over the next 15 years.

The National Real Estate Association and the National Home Builders Association both agree that boomers want to buy luxury second homes that have features and amenities similar to their primary residence. That is why the demand for Condo Hotels far exceeded its supply.

Condo Hotels owners and landlords have the amenities they are accustomed to and all the features of a 5-star hotel. Almost every Condo hotel property that has appeared on the market so far has been sold off before construction begins. If the condo hotel only requires 2 percent. The bombs will require more than $ 1.5 million over the next 15 years. Simple and simple, demand will outweigh supply, and if this type of imbalance occurs, the value of the property will increase dramatically, and Condo Hotels owners will greatly benefit.