Miami Travel Guide For Tourists

Miami is located on the Atlantic coast of southeastern Florida in the United States. The city is well known throughout the civilized world as a hub of commerce, culture, fashion, media, cinema and art. It is the seventh largest city in America with a population of fifty-two hundred thousand people, behind New York, Los Angeles […]

Investors Are Now More Attracted To Miami Beach Properties That Cater To The Hospitality Industry

Miami Beach properties have always been considered the best choice for many different types of people, including tourists, vacation home buyers and others seeking the high quality of life typically associated with a world-class city. However, the popularity of these real estate options seems to be booming among investors looking for the best options in […]

Living In Miami Beach – The Good Life

Stretching seven and a half miles, Miami Beach is separated by three and a half miles of water from the mainland. With the rise of cities, Miami Beach has a relatively short history, as just over a hundred years ago, the area was nothing more than an unnamed and virtually impassable collection of islands, and […]

The Most Expensive Areas In Miami Beach

When we think of famous places like Miami Beach, the imagery that springs to our minds is the presence of fancy, luxury hotels, beautiful stretches of white sand beaches and expensive restaurants and bars that often gather rich and famous. Before 1800 The late natives of Miami were probably tequesta Indians, and the tribe settled […]

Traveling to Florida's Biscayne National Park

Biscayne National Park is located in Florida, on the Southeast Atlantic Coast. Entry to the park is not free, but there is a charge for overnight stays at the campsite and at the marina. The park covers an area of ‚Äč‚Äčover 170,000 ha, almost 95% of which is underwater. The park has 45 low islands […]

Delight Your Palate at Miami Spice 2010

If you think Miami is a place for spectacular beaches, world-class shopping, and unparalleled nightlife, the place is where you are. But what about the bright dinner scene? It's another great reason to pack your bags and visit Sunflower City this month: Miami Spice 2010, a mouth-watering summer restaurant promotion featuring Miami's finest cuisine, runs […]

US Hotel Booking

The United States is one of the most advanced nations and it has many hotels in all categories, including luxury, budget and economy. In addition, most cities in the country offer great accommodation at attractively low rates and allow travelers to book a US hotel online or directly with a hotel agent. Some of the […]

Hotels Reviews, Should You Do It?

When you think of a hotel reviewer, what image comes to mind? You probably imagine someone who stays in the world's most luxurious hotels, eats great restaurants and treats the king. Well, this image can be accurate if you imagine a reviewer working for a major publication such as Forbes Travel Guide or LHW. Unfortunately, […]


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Luxury Hotels in The USA

There are plenty of solutions to stay at a luxury hotel in Miami. Stunning views of the river or ocean abound. Known for showcasing the sun and sea, these stylish, soothing shrines are a place you won’t want to miss. priceline Some, with vaulted ceilings, glass walls and gleaming pools, create a beautiful atmosphere that […]