Why Is Display of Art In Hotels So Significant?

Are luxury hotels becoming visual arts spaces? Art has been a part of the hospitality industry for a very long time. Hoteliers often had to follow creative strategies to make the hotel stand out. By placing interesting and eye-catching artwork throughout the hotel, they offered their clients an exceptional experience. The artwork helps to create […]

Places to Visit in Miami

The many cities to explore in the United States would find themselves in an awkward position and could choose from among many places to enjoy the perfect vacation. Although America is rich in geographic entertainment, it is certainly not a miss. , it is also filled with beaches, parties and lots of fun activities that […]

Plan A Wonderful Christmas Vacation

It's Christmas time, what happened is you planned your Christmas holiday or not? If not, hurry up with it for a great Christmas holiday, and the market has many discounts for you. Yes friends, many discounted hotels are waiting for you to arrive and they have many stunning plans to celebrate your Christmas stay at […]

5 Places You Must Visit While in Miami

Miami offers just about everything. But with so many points of interest, it can be difficult for tourists to decide what to go to on their South Beach vacation. Below are just a few of the different places highly recommended by other travelers as well as Miami locals. City Hall This hotel offers perhaps the […]

Miami Beach Is A Town in Southeast Florida

Miami Beach is a well-known city in Southeast Florida and a popular tourist destination. It is located on a 7.1 square mile island that has been bombarding white sand beaches for millions of years. Lately, Miami Beach is not seen as a place to sunbathe, it is an entertainment mecca for the wealthy and those […]

Miami – A Great Place to Buy Real Estate

Miami has evolved into a cosmopolitan marvelous city under the sun. Famous for its beautiful beaches, this city has also earned a reputation for being a sexy, wonderful and fashionable place to live. From amazing golf courses such as Crandon Park in Key Biscayne to Miami Subway Zoo, this beautiful city has something for everyone. […]

Elixir of Life

The floating waters brought new waves of power. The power was what he needed now – to calm the inconsistent waves of his mind, to destroy the brave monster of gloom. Underneath it felt a warm, wet texture of golden sand. The soothing breeze stroked his body gently. It seemed like you were just wandering […]

Miami South Beach – Exotic Sights, Sounds and Scents

South Miami Beach, aka SOBE, is the lower part of Miami Beach in Florida and was created around 1900. He is famous for his Art Deco, Cuban influences, supermodels and beach bombs. The architecture is stunning, South Beach owns the largest collection of Streamline Art Deco architecture in the world, though many buildings are demolished […]